Sign here: No to attacks on free movement!

No to attacks on free movement – yes to a citizens’ Europe!

Germany in breach of EU law – the Commission must act!

Freedom of movement is one of the greatest achievements of the European integration process and one of the most visible benefits that the European Union bestows upon its citizens. There is a broad social and political consensus on this issue in Germany. And yet the German Parliament has adopted legislation that reflects a spirit of mistrust and national narrow-mindedness. The proposed restrictions on free movement send out a devastating message.

The planned entry bans for false claims to a right of free movement are incompatible with Article 15 of the Free Movement Directive. Entry bans may only be imposed on the grounds of public order, safety or health – provided that there is a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society. Not even previous criminal convictions as such constitute grounds for entry bans, let alone an erroneous claim for social benefits. And although this type of action may in some cases involve a false claim to free movement, it is certainly not a threat to society’s fundamental interests.

On 16 January 2014, the European Parliament called on Member States to refrain from any actions that could affect Union citizens’ right of free movement. Regrettably, the governing majority in the Federal Republic of Germany has failed to comply with this demand.

The challenges relating to free movement cannot be overcome with restrictive policies. Instead, in order to achieve an ever closer union of the peoples of Europe, constructive and far-sighted policies on freedom of movement are needed. These should include broader protection against discrimination, faster progress towards recognition of professional qualifications, easier access to language learning opportunities, and, in the medium term, the establishment of minimum standards of social security in the European Union.

We urge the European Commission to initiate infringement proceedings against the Federal Republic of Germany so that those elements of the new legislation which are non-compliant with EU law are repealed – if necessary through a judgment in the European Court of Justice!




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196DRILON QERIMAJAlbaniaApr 29, 2016
195Alejandro SelleroGermany (Spanish Nationality)Aug 25, 2015
194Frank Bartz van den BoschNetherland (but German citizen)Apr 28, 2015
193Gisela TreuGermanyApr 28, 2015
192costanza margiotta broglioItalyMrz 24, 2015
191Iri EderSpainMrz 14, 2015
190Magdalena Dharandas MendezMrz 13, 2015
189Constantino Torregrosa CabanillesSpainMrz 12, 2015
188Juan AnulaFranceMrz 12, 2015
187Martin TeresaSpainMrz 11, 2015
186Katharina StammMrz 11, 2015
185selly kaneitalyFeb 26, 2015
184Anna LodesertoItalyFeb 25, 2015
183Gaetano MilitoGermanyFeb 22, 2015
182Maria Rosaria SpioneITALYFeb 16, 2015
181Miriam SabateSpainFeb 16, 2015
180Sonsoles DiazFeb 11, 2015
179Liher López EguiaraGermanyFeb 11, 2015
177Rosanna CifolelliItalyFeb 11, 2015
176Rodolfo RicciItalyFeb 10, 2015
175gino carlessoitaliaFeb 10, 2015
174Michael RothschuhDeutschlandFeb 10, 2015
173Ana Esteban Garcia-NavasGermanyFeb 09, 2015
172Laura CruzEspañaFeb 09, 2015
171Pau PalopGermanyFeb 09, 2015
170calà cataldoBelgiumFeb 08, 2015
169Ludwig AsamDeutschlandFeb 06, 2015
168patrizia bolognesiitalyFeb 06, 2015
167Alvaro SantistebanGermanyFeb 06, 2015
166Pedro CastillejoFeb 06, 2015
165jose TraveriaSpainFeb 05, 2015
164Marina FortezaGermanyFeb 05, 2015
163Darío Guijo HernándezEspañaFeb 05, 2015
162Andoni UrrutiaspainFeb 05, 2015
161Janire ClavellAlemaniaFeb 05, 2015
160Serena SchönpflugJan 28, 2015
159Kerstin GerthBerlinJan 27, 2015
158Monica RicciJan 27, 2015
157Claude DENAGTERGALBelgiumJan 26, 2015
156Lucien LaneBelgiqueJan 26, 2015
155Francesco CalvaneseItaliaJan 26, 2015
154Hiltrud Stöcker-ZafariGermanyJan 26, 2015
153Hanne SandersBelgiumJan 26, 2015
152Francesco AttademoItalyJan 26, 2015
151Tony MusuBelgiumJan 26, 2015
150Swenja GerhardGermanyJan 26, 2015
149Stephanie SilvermanCanadaJan 25, 2015
148Elisabeth SordiaJan 24, 2015
147Janina RostGermanyJan 24, 2015

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